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google io 18

“Google I/O 2018” The 10 biggest announcements, Google’s one of the major conferences of the year, Google IO 2018, is just around the corner and the internet is already abuzz on what the search giant may introduce.  A bunch of software-side announcements from the firm with the keynote being addressed by the Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

But Google IO 18 has had so many more announcements this year. It’s not just about Android. Google Maps, Assistant and Gmail have new features you’ll want to know about.

Google I/O, the search giant’s annual developer conference, kicked off on Tuesday. Google to make things officially official. Here are the biggest announcements from the event, updated by the minute, as they happen.

Google io 18

Google Assistant called a salon and booked a whole haircut appointment by itself. Freaky!! Let us see what were the whole big announcements Google CEO Sundar Pichai made at IO 2018 in detail.

Top 10 Biggest Updates Announced At Google I/O 2018 – Updated

1. “Gmail” is getting AI-powered

This is a nifty new feature in Gmail that uses machine learning to not just predict words users plan to type, but entire phrases. And we’re not just talking about simple predictions like addresses, but entire phrases that are suggested based on context and user history. The feature will roll out to users in the next month.

Google is expanding on its helpful Smart Reply feature with a more ambitious idea: Smart Compose. Smart Compose uses AI “to help you draft emails from scratch, faster.” Does having Gmail create emails without your involvement sound scary? Don’t worry, as the company isn’t going quite that far (yet). Instead, the new feature will make suggestions for complete sentences as you’re typing.

Google io 18

Smart Compose is going to help you finish your sentences in emails thanks to machine learning. It reminds us of autocorrect, but for whole chunks of sentences, and because Google has so much of your data, it’s bound to be a lot smarter.

Google IO 2018

2. Google Maps is getting way more social and Walking Navigation

Google Maps has a brand new look for “Walking Directions” and it. is. amazing. It offers an augmented-reality first person view that is much more intuitive than what we’ve got today. Point your camera in a direction, and Google will pair AI with Street View data to give you an interactive, AR turn-by-turn experience when you’re on the move. There’s even a cute little fox to help keep you on course.

Google io 18

Google Maps will now give you an AR experience. In short, as you look through the camera Google will show you which way you should be going. It’s not just that though, there’s also overlays of important information such as showing you points of interest.

Just as significant is the new Visual Positioning System. When your GPS is not enough, VPS will use your phone’s camera and Google’s extensive back-end data to analyze your surroundings to identify where you are with greater accuracy.

Google io

A new For You tab lets you follow specific neighborhoods to see new restaurants and business that are trending among other users. And you can even coordinate with friends in real time to make a “shortlist” when choosing a place to eat at.

3. Android P Beta

Google had already released the first build of Android P for developers, but on Tuesday the company discussed a number of new Android P features that fall into three core categories.

The Android 8.0 release includes Project Treble, a major re-architect of the Android OS framework designed to make it easier, faster, and less costly for manufacturers to update devices to a new version of Android. Treble is for all new devices launching with Android 8.0 and beyond (the new architecture is already running on the Developer Preview for Pixel phones).

Google io

Android P is still a few months away from final release, but for those that want to try out the new Android Developer DP2 You can sign up for Android Beta here.

4. Google Assistant improvements (6 Voices) 

The death of the Google Now launcher appears to have been short-lived. We’re about to see Google Assistant take on a new visual experience when you swipe up on the main Assistant menu.

Google io 18

Google is adding 6 new voices to Google Assistant

Continued Conversation – Google Assistant is making conversations more natural by removing the need to say “ok google” or “hey google” every time for every follow up query. This new feature is called Continued Conversation and it’s coming later this year.

Multiple Actions – let’s you string together multiple commands in one sentence. The example provided was “Turn on the Warriors game and start the popcorn maker”

Pretty Please – Google is improving Assistant family experiences by adding a new ‘pretty please’ option allowing positive experiences for children or anyone that needs a little ray of sunshine in their daily routine.

Google Duplex – Using text to speech, deep learning, AI, and more, Google Assistant can be a real assistant. In a demo at I/O 2018, Google Assistant made a real call to a hair salon and had a back and forth conversation with an employee, ultimately booking an actual woman’s haircut appointment in the time span requested by the user.

5. Google Photos AI features

Google Photos is getting a ton of new features based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example, Google Photos can take an old restored black and white photo and not just convert it to color, but convert it to realistic color and touch it up in the process.

Sharing photos, fixing exposure, converting photos to PDFs, popping color, and colorizing photos are some of the examples shown off.

6. Google News (AI)

Google IO 2018 keynote. It’s getting a Flipboard or Apple News-like design and new features that make it easier to access information, broken down into what Google calls briefings and newscasts.

Google says it’ll use machine learning to surface credible publications, and this is all in an effort to present you with more high-quality, reliable information. This smarter version of Google News is rolling out now on Android, iOS and the web, with everyone getting the update within the next week.

Google io 2018

Google has a new experience for Google News, personalizing news just for you, assembling the things you need to know about. The more you use Google News, the better it gets. The new Google News also includes something called Newscasts. These provide short previews of content, giving you an easy way to get started with your news.

7. Google Lens integrated Directly in Camera App

Google Lens still isn’t perfect at identifying precise items of clothing, but Google thinks it can get close enough. The company is introducing a new “style match” feature that will scan something the camera is pointed at and help you buy it from internet retailers. Sounds like a dream come true for Pinterest fans.

Google io 18

Your camera app will soon do a lot more than just take photos and videos. Google is integrating “Google Lens” directly into the camera app, showing little contextual dots on items, places, and things that it recognizes. Tap on the colored dot for more info.

Google Lens can read text, identify products, give historical information about landmarks, tell you about nearby stores and restaurants, and a whole lot more.

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