10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone

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10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone – Many take precautions like installing anti-virus software and closing background apps, but are these steps really necessary? Here are five things you’re doing wrong with your Android device. We use our smartphones for many things in our professional and private lives. But in the article I am going to share you the 10 things you should never do on your android phone. So let’s explore

10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone

1. Don’t Killing Apps from Recent Apps

10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone.

Hello buddy, Many of us use task killers or close applications manually from the recent apps menu. But without realizing it that could be harming the performance of our device.

Android operating system is smart enough to manage apps and memory so you don’t need to do this. When you close an apps from Recent Apps and start it again after sometime the app again start from zero. To start the app again your phone uses more processor and battery.

Listen, guys, Android is smart itself. That’ss why an android phone is called a SMARTPHONE. So Android will clear the ram itself whenever needed and will make space for another app.

2. Don’t Install Apps from Unknown Sources

Almost all mobile malware targets Android – and in particular, it targets Android users who don’t pay attention to what they’re downloading and who frequent less reputable sources of apps.

I have seen that if a person buys a new phone, Installs apps from various app stores.

One of the reason behind downloading apps from Unknown Sources is the users get paid apps for free. But installing apps from unknown sources may be harmful for you because the apps may contains malware which will leak your personal data and monitor your activities.

3. Don’t Use Antivirus App on Android

Hello guys, Most of the android user have an Antivirus app on their Smartphone. There are some antivirus apps which may useful for you but these apps consume much battery on Smartphone. This Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone. 

If you feel that you need an antivirus program on your Android device then you should bear in mind that they take up resources like RAM and battery: these are intensive applications that run in the background all the time. But having more than one doesn’t make you safer.

4. Don’t Ignore software updates

The operating system of your smartphone needs to be updated periodically to repair deficiencies in security. As soon as you notice an update, accept it. You can even set up your Android device to update automatically. The security of your phone will thank you. It will perform better and be more efficient.

It can be hard keeping tabs on which devices get Android updates, but it’s worth paying attention: each new version of Android is mightier than the last. Google Play Services keep the guts of your device current, but the big updates can make your phone feel brand new all over again.10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone. 

5. Don’t charge it over USB

Chargers are not created equal: plugging your phone into your computer’s USB port doesn’t deliver as much juice as when you use a dedicated charger.

6. Don’t Use Battery Sever App

Another thing that a Battery Saver do is switching off GPS, Data, Bluetooth, etc whenever it is not in use. Now tell me guys, can’t you manually turn off that features ?? Do you know what Battery Saver do ??  It clears a the apps from recent apps menu which affects your phone and makes it slower.

Every Smartphone user want to save battery for long time. To do this they use Battery Saver Apps. But these apps basically runs in background and kills your recent apps which consumes more battery.

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6. Don’t Clearing Cache Memory

The apps keep temporary data on our phone to work faster when we use those apps or functions again. Everyone want their phone memory have more space, so they use different cleaner apps to clean cache from their phone. This process cleans your phone memory but it’s not helpful for us.

So if you clear the cached memory, the data will be deleted. And it will be load newly by using your internet connectivity.

7. Avoid constant recharges

Allow the battery to discharge to around 20% before you plug it in. Constant and unnecessary recharges shorten the lifespan of the battery . On the flip side, avoid allowing the battery to lose all power.

9. Don’t Ignoring App Permissions

Don’t ignore the app permission while installing an app. Check the permissions for an app before allowing. For example – if you are installing a Camera app, it should not ask you for permissions like your contacts, GPS location or camera. If you think the app does require a permission then don’t allow it. Because it may leak your private data.

10. Not restarting your Android phone (Restart Every 2 Day) 

Every once in a while you should restart your phone. Restarting a phone gives it a new fresh start. You should restart your phone in every 5 to 8 days.  Restarting will not only make your phone a little fast, but it also keeps it healthy. It helps in clearing up of the cache of your phone.

So these were the six things that you should do on your Android device. Thanks for reading our blog. If you have any queries, please comment down below. We will be grateful to help and don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter for latest updates.

Final Words :- There are certain things that you should never do on your Android phone. The things that I am going to tell you may prove harmful to your Android phone. You may or may not know these things, but these things must be kept in mind as we usually ignore them. Not doing these things can keep your android phone in great shape. 10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone. 

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