How to Download Instagram Videos And Photos Free

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How to Download Instagram Videos And Photos Free Many of us have always have some videos on Instagram that we love watching and sharing with people. How to Download Instagram Videos, The only problem is that, we need internet access every single time to watch those videos. Sometimes it may not be possible to do so. But fortunately, you can now save yourself by downloading Instagram videos directly to your device. This would save a lot of amount of time as well as data as you can download any video you like.

Instagram videos can be really cool! Maybe you want to share them on a DVD, or just make them available for offline use. Here is an extremely simple way to do so. This process is very simple, the reason being that Instagram has user profiles online How to Download Instagram Videos?

It’s very easy, you don’t need any software or third party video download service provider. The only thing you need is the Instagram page from where you want to download Instagram video.

I was also looking for it then google it for best possible solution and found it the best solution on the tech blog, they have explained each and every step in a simplest way. For better explanation you can read.

How to Download Instagram Videos?

How to Download Instagram Videos?  (Trick 1)

Here’s a quick guide on how to download videos from instagram page without any hassle:

1) Go to the video on Instagram.

2) There are 3 vertical dots at top right corner of the videos. These dots suggest the options menu for the video.

3) Click on these dots i.e video options.

4) Now scroll down that list to the phrase “Copy share URL” and select this option.

5) We’ve now copied the link to this video i.e URL.

6) Open your browser and navigate to the website

How to Download Instagram Videos And Photos
How to Download Instagram Videos And Photos

7) Now paste the URL in the white box. (To paste the URL, long click on the white box. Your phone will display options such as paste, Select ‘paste’)

8) Click on the arrow next to white box

9) It may take 2-3 seconds and the option for downloading file will be displayed.

10) Click download.

Your video will be downloaded. Hope it would help. Thanks.

Features of SocialDown

  • Web-based Application- Do you own a smartphone which doesn’t have good specifications or not allow you to download additional apps? Well, in this case, is the best option available for you because it is a web-based application, so you don’t need to download any extra app on your smartphone.
  • Easy to use- The user interface of SocialDown is pretty simple and easy so that anyone can download videos from it efficiently.
  • Multiple Download Options (Quality)- allows you to download videos in different quality of formats. Even, you can get the full HD quality of the same video.
  • Supports download from Different sites- This is the best feature I like of SocialDown. I am addicted to music, and there is no best option than SoundCloud for music. And SocialDown supports downloading music from SoundCloud as well.
  • Best Insta Downloader so far- I also like to watch videos and most of the time I watch them at my home. The sad part is I need to pay for the internet for my smartphone too while I have an internet connection at my office. This downloader helps me in downloading videos offline so I can check them anytime, anywhere, without paying a single buck from my wallet.

How to download videos from Instagram?  (Trick 2)

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store for Extensions
  2. Type in “pCloud Save” — pCloud Save is an extension that enables you to save all kinds of files from the web (photos, videos, text, music) and uploads them directly in the cloud so you can access them on any of your devices.
  3. Add the extension to your browser
  4. Create a free account
  5. Open Instagram on your browser
  6. Start saving everything you like

That’s it, you are done!. Here you can download Instagram videos and photos, With the help of this awesome Android app, you can download Instagram Photos and Videos at ease.

There are some similar apps available in the play store to download Instagram photos and videos 2018 on your Android, but Instagetter and InstaSave, socialdown are best amongst all. Now you can download your desired photos and videos from Instagram by using these two apps. Hope you like the post. Share it with your friends too

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